Taxidermy chicken foot display voodoo pagan witchcraft


The Chicken’s foot holds great power in the voodoo religion. Accordingly, voodoo practitioners often use chicken’s feet as charms and talismans. Often is used as a protective charm to ward off evil spirits.

I added the crystal quartz for a clear crystal is considered a master healer and believed to support the entire energetic system.

The snake skin has magical properties which include

  • Healing
  • Renewal
  • Protection
  • Rebirth
  • Sex and sexuality
  • Hexing and or cursing
  • Power
  • Change and Transformation
  • Removal

Real taxidermy chicken foot for witchcraft, oddities and curiosities. Made with real chicken foot, crystals, dried flowers, and real snake skin. #voodoo #witchcraft #totem #gothic #taxidermy #animal #nature #decor #oddities #curiosities #pagan #occult