Our products on this page are 100% handmade. We chose to leave ""sold  out""  items viewable, to give all friends a chance of purchasing the item that they liked previously. Please reach out to us so we can plan the details!!!! 

Jewelry, Purses, & Bags - Handmade 

Sold out

Handmade pendant made with a skull bead, polymer clay, and a real crystal quartz point.

Lovely Victorian cochabon bat earrings

Real silver coffin nail made into a pendant and included a crescent moon and circle charms. Wrapped in silver wire. 

Gothic silver bat pendant necklace made with a crescent moon charm

Owl pendant


Owl pendant


Silver owl pendant necklace made with a crescent silver moon. 

Gothic jewelry set. Dangle earrings and necklace all come together. Gothic antique Victorian style bezel pendants with silver bats. Necklace pendant is also created with a victorian hand grasping a circle attached to a connector. Awesome 3 piece set. 

Witchy necklace. Witches broom pendant made with 100% genuine natural Kyanite blade stone wrapped with thick silver wire and connected to sturdy silver chain. 

Multiple choices. Semi large pendants, 40mm height. Chain is included with every one. During purchase please specify which you are buying. 

Black dangle earrings, pair. Antique gothic victorian bezels with gun metal crescent moons. 

Gothic bat pendant necklace. Antique bronze, chain included. 

Unique One of a kind handmade pendant by placing multiple pieces together. Color silver chain is included. 

Handmade necklace. Multiple charm pieces fastened together by my own picking. One of a kind for sure. 

Bronze gold necklace. Long layered chain with a cute little bat charm. 

Adorabel bat necklace. Short in length with double silver chains. Necklace sits slightly lower than collar bone. 

Sold out

This is a genuine black tourmaline stone necklace. Raw cut. Embellished with silver wire wrapping and silver chain. 

Long, layered chain moon phase necklace. Antique silver and antique bronze with cute "man in the moon" middle charms. Choice of antique bronze or silver.

Gothic black antique double dragon head necklace. Doubel head dragon sits on velvet inside the black gothic style pendant. 

Simple circle glass two side pendnat necklace holding real snake skin from shedding. 

(Witch doll not included)

Cute antique bronze cochabon peacock pendant necklace, long chain.

Witches broomstick pendant necklace. Made from 100% genuine Kyanite stone, wired wrapped in silver wire. Large pendant 4-6 inches long total. Long necklace chain. 

Medusa cochabon pendant necklace with silver chain

100% genuine smoky quartz pendant necklace with tiny adorable bat charm. 

Sold out

Skeleton cochabon pendant necklace with silver chain 

Price is for one pair of tiny adorable real taxidermy rodent paw, silver earrings 

Real taxidermy jaw bone earrings made from taxidermy squirrel. 

Real snakeskin inside glass cochabon pendant. Necklace. 

Antique Gold Bat Pendant, oval shaped. Comes with antique bronze chain. 

This is a real taxidermy wing from a shiny blue morpho butterfly. It glisens in the light, very beautiful!! It does have one tiny scratch in the wing so price is lowered. Comes with silver chain.

Purses & Bags