Real taxidermy large colorful, vibrant grasshopper on 100% natural Ocean Jasper stone. Mounted securely and was posed with wings spread to show the beauty of this art decor. 

Real taxidermy scorpion in antique metal lantern, resting on natural rose quartz raw stone, real dried flowers, and bones. Gorgeous large lantern. Can be hung or set tabletop. Beautiful lantern, this amazing taxidermy decor art with warm colors would be suitable for any color palette in your living room. 

Beautiful real oddities and curiosities Blue Morpho Butterfly taxidermy entomology art.Laid on black velvet in gothic black frame. Surroundings made of antique bronze chain and filigrees. Glamours, gothic, beautiful. 8×10 in black gothic plastic frame. 

Real taxidermy flat Bug in dome display


Real taxidermy pincher Beetle display in glass vial. 

Real taxidermy stripey Beetle display in glass vial. 

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Cute colorful real taxidermy mantas in antique frame. 

Real taxidermy  Beetle display in gothic style black frame. 

Real taxidermy Rhino bettles surrounded by real bones. 

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Real taxidermy bright blue weevil beetles playing in a jar. 

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Real taxidermy adorable bright little beetles enjoying their stroll on a nice little log.