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Handmade items by oddities and curiosities enthusiastic. Taxidermy art, entomology home decor, gothic-pagan jewelry and accessories 


Thanks so much for stopping by. We are a small husband and wife, family owned and run online oddities & curiosities shop. 

Handmade items of the Oddities and Curiosities nature. our entire theme is based around this including gothic, pagan, occult, witch, dark arts.


The serpent can represent death, destruction, evil. Due to its ability to shed, the Nordics and  Celts thought of serpents as symbols of wisdom, healing, rebirth, and transformation. They were also associated with the feminine power and fertility since their natural habitat is among weeds and roots deep in the Earth – the life-giving womb.


According to Norse Mythology, the god Freyr possessed a great boar Gullibursti (Golden Bristles) on which he rode. His sister Freyja had a similar boar Hildisvíni (Battle Swine). To the Anglo-Saxons, the fierce wild boar was a symbol of strength and fertility. Its image adorned their helmets.

Antique, boar


Ouroboros has the primary power of being able to affect a victim's emotions. It is possible that these emotions that are stirred can also be memories. It also functions as a powerful melee weapon, being to ensnare, bite, and break opponents with its strong chains; not even Iron Tager can break out of Ouroboros' snare.

Im very proud to be a freak

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Family owned and ran oddities & curiosities online shop. We take pride in every creation as if it were something we would want to purchase ourselves. Our handmade items are just as advertised, 100% made by us.  Every creation is created with a antique, gothic, or pagan-witchcraft theme. 

We would love to know your thoughts and comments. Your opinions are taken into heavy consideration. 

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